Dr. Dimitry Olevsky is a highly capable violinist and musician. As a violinist, he has a superb tone, brilliant technique, and great artistry. His musicianship is always on the highest level. Dr. Olevsky is a sensitive and tasteful interpreter of music who constantly brings passion, life and joy to his performances.

Oleh Krysa, Prof. of Violin, Eastman School of Music

Dimitry Olevsky
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     A superbly written and organized review of relevant research and literature, gives excellent, to-the-point practical suggestions for musicians of any level for maximizing efficiency in practicing and for dealing with stage anxiety.  I believe this work to be of immense value to students, performing musicians and teachers   

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Isa M.

Dr. Olevsky’s teaching style is an embodiment of the ideals that I find most important for a music educator to possess. He has taught me how to smartly approach difficult repertoire no matter what technique or skill is tested. He has taught me how to listen closely and analytically to my playing, how to align my execution of musical phrases to the implied directions of the composer. He has taught me techniques of performance and how to utilize the anxiety that occurs with an audience to my fullest advantage. And not only have these lessons greatly assisted my musical performance, but they have also applied to general areas in my life in which precision and mental focus are required. Truthfully, the lessons that I have gained from him have transcended their original purpose and found various other uses in my life.  It is rare to find an outstanding teacher with a powerful dedication to their work and a mission to perfect an already superb teaching method. Thankfully, Dimitry Olevsky is one of the few individuals achieving such a standard.

Vanessa R.

Dr. Olevsky is inherently able to discern between problems related to technique, versus those associated with internal barriers. He infuses his knowledge of sports psychology into his teaching, giving him the unique ability to address the mental roadblocks that prevent students from unlocking their maximum potential. Dr. Olevsky takes the time during lessons to advise students on how to overcome such barriers, providing them with guidance on how to consistently achieve peak performance.  Dr. Olevsky not only possesses the extensive knowledge in musical theory and practice required for teaching students at the university level, but also the personality and temperament to mentor young musicians. Due to his genuine character, quick-witted humor, and sense of self-discipline, he is both well liked and respected by students.  Needless to say, Dr. Olevsky is an exceptional violin instructor whom I hold in the highest regard.

Gene T.

Dimitry displays an exceptional talent and contagious enthusiasm for teaching. He consistently brings the same energy to each and every single one of his lessons. Rather than sitting in a chair and throwing suggestions out for an hour, he is always on his feet interacting with his students.I have noticed how Dimitry constantly polishes his own playing. He exhibits the discipline to relentlessly improve even after reaching the most advanced level of his craft. On multiple occasions, I have arrived minutes late to lessons only to see him taking advantage of every possible minute to work on his own technique and repertoire. I view this as one of the keys to his effective teaching. As a result of his persistent self-improvement and reflection, his advice to his students precisely reflects his own work ethic as a violinist. His dedication gives him an unparalleled ability to comprehend his students’ struggles, and ultimately relate them to his own experiences as a performer. As a result of my studies with Dimitry, my playing has reached heights that I never believed to be possible.  My proudest and most exciting moments have come as a result of my opportunities in classical music, and I owe them all to Dimitry.

Kimberly C.

look forward to lessons every week.  In these 10 months, I have gained confidence in my ability to learn the violin. I am a beginner (hobbyist) and I feel I learned more in the first four months as Dr. Olevsky's student than I would have learned in a year with any other teacher.  Dimitry's teaching style is very concise and technical. From the very first lesson to present, he strongly focuses on form, technique and efficiency in learning, which is ultimately making all the difference in my progress. In hand with technique, Dimitry is exceptional at using theory, analogies and stories to help work through each step of the learning process. He is also very insightful and willing to share stories, history, and/or any information related to his experiences as a musician...which I enjoy hearing. I find Dimitry to not only be a fantastic teacher, but a patient, kind, and funny person who is passionate about what he does and what I am there to learn. He has high standards and expects exceptional effort from me as a student..which is a lot of hard work. In return; however, I have unlimited access to his wealth of knowledge and experience...and sometimes I get to just listen to him play the pieces I am learning which is worth all of the effort in and of itself. So beautiful.

Mohammad M.

Dimitry is one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from. He is very well educated and intelligent and not only he is a great violin coach but also his expertise in the art of teaching allows the student to move forward while remaining motivated and hungry to want to learn more.  Dr.  Olevsky is one of very few who has the capacity and knowledge to provide great insights on the art of music as well as personal growth.  His expertise in the teaching of the Violin speaks for itself.  His approach to teaching has helped me with better playing of other instruments.  His desire to teach is pure and as a person and coach I highly recommend and value him. 



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